• I Grow On My Own

    mirror, wood, moss


    What do people think about when referring to “I”? One needs to know this, before specifying “my space”. Are we manifest to ourselves? “I want…”, “my…”, that implies more to Ego than Me. The real Me just is, without wishes or problems.

    Part of the internal development is search for the unity of the inner and outer realms. One can separate from the surroundings, close up, it seems to be easier in a cityscape – there, where there’s so many of us, that one rather sees the bunch than the individual within it. Alike by the looks and behavior, we all have a simple yet complex little world within us. It may take time to find the way in, to a person, to the inner Me.

    I observe and reflect upon the surroundings, but I grow on my own. Nutrition for life exists within.