• Transmission

    metal leftovers from an engine factory, motor, wires, projectors, wood, color film, sound

    2017, HOP gallery, Tallinn

    With Madlen Hirtentreu.

    Technical team: Bruno and Rünno Mander, Harri Liis, Ahto Härm.

    "Ülekanne / Transmission" was the first joint exhibition of Madlen Hirtentreu and Evelin Saul. The space was activated 24h/7, being internally open to the audience only partially, whilst access to the mechanical inventory was physically restricted.

    In 1632, Galileo Galilei published his 'Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems'. Some pages of the aforementioned book are dedicated to a discussion of a ship that leaves Venice for Aleppo. One speaker, Sagredo, imagines a pen that would leave a visible mark of the entire voyage from Italy towards Syria.

    Noble Venetians ponder how it could be that everything on board remains immobile, while at the same time leaving a thousand-yard-long trace. They discover that a true and real motion can be seen from different perspectives, including those from which this very movement would be as if nonexistent.

    Exhibition involves inner and outer space, movement between instinctive, controllable and uncontrollable.

    One is left with resonance.